Current Truck Menu

Here's What's Cooking!

  • Salads and Starters

  • Ravioli Salad

    • $13

    Handmade ravioli stuffed with wild mushrooms, asiago and fresh herbs served warm on a bed of fresh greens and tangy vinaigrette. 

  • Squash Salad

    • $13

    Roasted Tri-Blend of squash, pecans, dried cranberries, feta. greens with pomegranate viniagrette.

  • Fried Ravioli

    • $12

    Fried Raviolis stuffed with house Italian sausage, Duck Fat Fries, and spicy dipping sauce. 

  • Pierogis

    • $11

    Handmade then fried, packed with potato, fresh herbs and cheese. Served with Duck Fat Fries and secret sauce. 

  • All Day Breakfast

    Served with Duck Fat Fries, pickles and slaw. Ask what house cured meats are available! 

  • Cornville Combo

    • $12

    Breakfast sandwich built with fried egg, melted cheese, tomato. chipotle mayo and choice of house cured meats or wild mushrooms. 

  • Eggs Benedict

    • $14

    Two Bennys topped with house hollandaise sauce. Choice of house cured meat or wild mushrooms. Yes, the sauce drips on the fries. 

  • Paleo

    • $14

    Two fried eggs. grilled hardy greens and roasted seasonal veggies served on quinoa and choice of house cured meat or wild mushrooms. 

  • Breakfast Tacos

    • $14

    3 Street Tacos with Fries

  • Breakfast Burrito

    • $10

    Fried eggs. melted cheese. fries. grilled anion and peppers with your choice of house cured meat or  wild mushrooms. Served with house salsa. 
    Ask about adding Green Chili! 

  • House Special Green Chili

    • Bowl $8
    • Bowl with the Works $10
    • Burrito $10

    Slow cooked tomatillos, variety of local peppers. roasted potatoes and either house cured beef or pork. 

  • Grill Items

    All grill items are served with Duck Fat Fries, house picles and slaw.

  • Sausage

    • $12

    Handmade Sausage with your choice of kraut and mustard or grilled onions and BBQ sauce. Served on a 10" bun.

  • Fun Guy Cheesesteak

    • $14

    Tempura Fried Grand Trumpet "Steak Mushroom" Grilled Shitake. Oyster Shraoms. Onion. White American. Miso Tamari Mayo. I0" Bun

  • Mr. Boombasta

    • $13

    Cured. Shaved Pork Loin Grilled With Garden Onions. Mushroom. Chipotle Maya. White American Cheese. 10" Bun

  • BBQ Pork Sandwich

    • $12

    Pork Shoulder Slowly Cooked With Tamarind. Sweet And Spicy BBQ Sauce. Brioche Bun. Chipotle Mayo 

  • Adobo Tacos

    • $14

    Slow cooked New Mexican red chili Pork tacos. tapped with cotija cheese garden fresh pico and guacamole.

  • Market Turkey

    • $14

    Fresh Roasted turkey served on house ciabatta roll, our mustard, greens, jarls

  • Duck Fat Fries

    • $8

    White Truffle Oil, Asiago Duck Fat Fries